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Get to Know Me Monday #11 - There's Still My Joy for Christmas Day

The past two years have brought a lot of changes that no one had envisioned, and what will come in the next few years is uncertain.  Many have suffered loss, from the loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, business, or financial security, to loss of family gatherings and traditions.  Our country continues to be more divided than unified, and people’s tempers seem to be short.  The news on tv and social media brings more negative stories than positive. People are complaining about bad service at stores and restaurants, shortages, and late deliveries.  Many businesses can’t find employees to work, while the unemployed can’t find jobs. There is a lot of disconnect and people more willing to blame others instead of working on solutions.

The end of the year in my business can be hectic and stressful if you let it. Busy with year end tax planning, preparing for the upcoming tax season, sometimes the New Year may not bring the joy that others are celebrating.  I spoke with an IRS representative last week, and they pretty much shut down from Dec 15-Jan 15 to prepare for the upcoming tax season. The IRS which reported that more than 9.6 million unprocessed paper returns received in 2021, plus another 5 million paper and e-file returns, have been suspended during processing, is shutting down for a month to prepare for the upcoming tax season!  Unbelievable. You have to just sit back and take a breath and focus on what is really important.

The four-week period of Advent focuses on the themes of hope, peace, love, and joy – all themes that we can certainly use in our lives right now more than ever. The last two, joy and love, are on my heart today, but they are all intertwined.  If we all showed more compassion and love to one another, we would bring joy.  If we were more joyful in all that we do and share that joy with others, focusing on the positives than the negatives, it would help turn our minds and hearts to a world of hope and peace.

One of the things that was “shut down” during the initial times of covid, was live music performances.  Music has always been an important part of my life. As choir practices and performances were canceled at the beginning of covid, I didn’t realize that I had stopped singing. Yes, I knew choir practices were canceled, church services went virtual, but I didn’t realize that I even stopped singing in the car. I guess I was consumed by other things that distracted me.  It wasn’t until preparing a virtual piece for our Rotary Choir last Christmas that I realized, I have not been singing and how much I missed it. 

This year, as choirs resumed, in-person church resumed, and even my Rotary Choir resumed,  while my voice was out-of-shape, I was so happy to be singing again. Our Rotary Christmas Choir performance is today, and one of the choir songs I selected for the choir is “There’s Still My Joy” which was recorded by the Indigo Girls.  The repeating phrase in the song is “One tiny Child can change the world; one shining Light can show the way.  Beyond these tears for what I’ve lost, there’s still my joy, there’s still my joy for Christmas Day.”

My wish for you this Christmas season and for the New Year, is that you will find joy. 

Merry Christmas!

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